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The steps of The Assessment Mark Granting

The general information forms for Assessment Mark Granting:

  1. Giving order form by the name of the company which ordering the assessment mark in formal way in addition to the industrial register.
  2. Writing the application form giving by the organization to define the company that is ordering the mark and define the quality-management system that is applied in it.
  3. Writing the special form for the provisional shakedown that a group from the organization should write it and complete the information of it by a formal command.
  4. after the shakedown visit by the organization group and write the provisional shakedown report, they should bring  samples from the products by formal report.
  5. 5-as a result of the sample examination and complete the amiss{if it will be}, they should whether:
    1. defer the conclusion of granting the Assessment Mark for awhile.
    2. or conclude to grant the usufructuary  legitimacy of the assessment mark.
  6. This mark-using conclusion expire after(2)two years and should be paid for usufructuary in the beginning of each year from the conclusion date.
  7. During the conclusion, the shakedown visit should be done periodically to examine the quality-management system in this company, and should bring samples to examine it and make sure of its product's assessment for the assessment mark of the standard.
  8. During the periodical shakedown visit, a special application {of six pages} should be written to proceed the quality system's advance in this company.
  9. The company whose products have obtained The Syrian Assessment  Mark should give abidance every six month of:
    1. the mechanical periodical shakedown
    2. the products' quality superintendence in the factory
    3. preparing the technical records, registries, and  the examination reports which have been conclude
    4. the raw materials and products, which obtain the assessment mark, should be assessment to their standards
    5. follow the authorization requirement by putting the mark on its positions
    6. give the quantity of the products which have the mark on it, and the expire products for having the mark, the procedures should be done for it.