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Measurement and Calib.

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.:: Metrology Feild ::.

Name Expired date Draft file Note
Instruments for measuring the hectoliter mass of cereals 10/12/2015 Arabic | English
The use of certified reference materials in fields covered by metrological control exercised by national services of legal metrology. Basic principles 2/7/2016 Arabic | English
Automated refractometers: Methods and means of verification 28/11/2016 Arabic | English
Liquid-in-glass thermometers 28/11/2016 Arabic | English
Spectrometer 12/8/2017 Arabic | English
RADAR EQUIPMENT for the MEASUREMENT of the SPEED of VEHICLES 17/9/2017 Arabic | English
Alcoholometers and alcohol hydrometers and thermometers for use in alcoholometry 17/9/2017 Arabic | English
Visual disappearing filament pyrometers 17/9/2017 Arabic | English
Platinum, copper, and nickel resistance thermometers (for industrial and commercial use) 17/9/2017 Arabic | English
Polarimetric saccharimeters Graduated in accordance with the ICUMSA International Sugar Scale 17/9/2017 Arabic | English
WEIGH BRIDGES- SPECIFICATION 17/9/2017 Arabic | English
glasses 28/11/2017 Arabic | English
Electrocardiograph 28/11/2017 Arabic | English
Instruments for measuring vehicle exhaust emissions Part 1: Metrological and technical requirements Part 2: Metrological controls and performance tests 17/12/2017 Arabic | English
Ground water 1/12/2017 Arabic | English
glassess 28/2/2018 Arabic | English