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.:: Textile Feild ::.

Name Expired date Draft file Note
Standard Practice for Selection of Zippers for Care-Labeled Apparel and Household Furnishings 20/10/2017 Arabic | English
Textile floor coverings-Jute carpet backing fabric-Specification 20/10/2017 Arabic | English
Textile floor coverings - Coir mats -Types and specification 20/10/2017 Arabic | English
Standard Performance Specification for Zippers for Dungarees, Jeans and Work Trousers 20/10/2017 Arabic | English
Standard Specification for Woven High Stretch Fabrics Used in Apparel1 1/12/2017 Arabic | English
Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Woven Handkerchief Fabrics1 1/12/2017 Arabic | English
Textile glass - Mats (made from chopped or continuous strands) - Designation and basis for specifications 1/12/2017 Arabic | English