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Name Expired date Draft file Note
Transportable gas cylinders- inspection and maintenance of cylinder valves 2/5/2016 Arabic | English
Cast carbon Steels for General Engineering Purposes 26/12/2015 Arabic | English
Photovoltaic Devices- Part 1: Measurement of photovoltaic current- voltage characteristics 25/11/2016 Arabic | English
Passenger cars- engine cooling systems- The pressure cap for filler neck- Dimensions of pressure caps and test methods 12/9/2017 Arabic | English
Passenger cars-Starter motor electrical connections 12/9/2017 Arabic | English
Rubber vehicles –Safety glazing materials – Test methods for optical properties 12/9/2017 Arabic | English
Gas cylinders — Acetylene cylinders — Basic requirements and type testing 20/10/2017 Arabic | English
Road vehicles- Engine Test Cod- Net Power 13/11/2017 Arabic | English